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‘Deathless’, is a vinyl album length collaboration between Jon Seagroatt (Comus), Ian Staples and Bobbie Watson (Comus). The project draws its sonic fingerprint from a signature mix of extended instrumental techniques, digitally processed reeds, slide guitars, electronics, iPad apps, sample manipulation, drones and disrupted song.

‘Deathless’ has a narrative and structural framework based on the legend of the Minotaur, as refracted through the prism of Steven Sherrill’s novel ’The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break’.
In Sherrill’s re-imagining of the myth, the Minotaur is not killed in the Labyrinth by Theseus, but escapes to wander the world as a mendicant immortal.
Setting his novel in the late twentieth century, Sherrill has the Minotaur living in a trailer park, and working as a short-order chef in a southern USA roadside diner.


released March 26, 2015

Jon Seagroatt: woodwind, electronics, drones, spectral and electro-acoustic manipulation, audio scavenging and re-purposing. recording, editing, mixing.
Ian Staples: slide guitars, drones, electronics.
Bobbie Watson: words, vocals (tracks 1 & 13)

The album is also available as a physical CD from: jonseagroatt.com/albums-for-sale



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Jon Seagroatt and Ian Staples with Bobbie Watson Oxford, UK

Jon Seagroatt is a member of Comus, Current 93 and Red Square. He has toured and performed in Britain, Europe and the Far East.
Ian Staples is a veteran sixties survivor, a tape and noise experimenter, action-painter, and wired denizen of the legendary Middle Earth Club. His iconoclastic sound palette encompasses the delta blues, Hendrix, Derek Bailey and Stockhausen.
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Track Name: opening; Asterion: Horns' cradle (song with drones).
opening; Asterion: Horns' Cradle (song with drones).

Asterion.......a starry one,
Trapped in a web of stone.
And the only escape is by the thread,
This that Ariadne laid.

Asterion, with no distraction,
Lost in blind walls,
In halls of rock,

Dejected, defeated,
Minotaurus in the winding ways.

Bull head,
Horns' cradle trap,
Deceives the tributes.

(words: Bobbie Watson)
Track Name: coda; Consolation; a kind of life (song with drones).
coda; Consolation; a kind of life (song with drones).

Saved from the blade - a reprieve,
A life of sorts,
With the consolation of eternity,
To be deathless,
To live a kind of life, a kind of life.
A half-human life….

Menial the grind
Echoes of his antecedents,
Flickering loose, reel-like
Across his mind's eye.

Never made it to the firmament,
To be again, Asterion.

(words: Bobbie Watson